Customer Feedback

Introduction to navigation for off-road runners:


"Just to say thank you for a great morning. We learnt such a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. You were brilliant at giving us the information and then the confidence to try it ourselves.


We saw things we wouldn't have out on our own and I do believe you've opened our eyes to something new. Granted it was a bit chilly, but we warmed ourselves up this afternoon in front of the fire, looking at a map and taking turns to find different bearings. We then sent off for a new map we were so taken with yours and gave in on looking further for our other compass and ordered a new one! You can be sure we will spread the word and look forward to next time.


By the way, the flapjack recipe would be much appreciated, it was fab."

Here's what you think of Settle Wolftracks...


NNAS Silver course participants:


" The weekend course was fun and my walking partner and I realised on the way home how much we’d learnt and improved in our map-reading skills."


"Jo is a very good teacher, addressing our specific needs and teaching individuals in different ways. I’m glad I had the chance to navigate on my own without always consulting my walking partner. I used my new skill of taking a compass bearing as well as checking for features in the landscape to confirm my position, and I’ve begun to get the hang of reading contour lines."



"I thought Jo was excellent -

a great teacher. My walking partner and I made a list of some of the stuff we learnt -

- seeing minute details identified on a map

-orientating map

-reading contour lines

- measuring distance,

- pacing and timing the walk

- taking a compass bearing and a back bearing

- how to keep safe on the hill...


But it was not only the matter of the knowledge base Jo so enjoyably passed on to us that impressed me, it is also how she delivered it and managed a quirky group of people with our different levels being taken into account as well as our different personalities.

Well done - I am sure we will be in touch asking Jo to share her great expertise again. Finally - I had a great time and it was fun."

Louise Wileman -

Navigation for fell-runners


" Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic day today. The course was informative, educational and motivational for me. I have learnt a lot, and am keen to put my new skills into practice. You are a wonderful, supportive and very patient teacher."


Rachel Hill - Navigation for fell-runners


"Despite knowing the basics I just didn't trust myself. So when I was actually was doing things by myself and getting things right I was both surprised and elated! I can actually do this navigation thing! I know I am far from the skills of many fell runners but Jo has given me the confidence to go out and practice with Louise in familiar territory and then who knows where we will go..."

Jane & Arthur - 3 hr navigation course:


'A dear friend was kind enough to give us a voucher entitling us to a navigation course with Jo. We have always wanted to be able to read maps better and use a compass properly. Jo taught us so many useful skills which we cannot wait to go out and practice again. She took us on an amazing walk, where we used maps and compasses throughout, constantly using the new skills and knowledge she had taught us. She was happy to go over and over things we found difficult, pitching her teaching at the right level for us. Jo is also a lovely person to spend time with, so all in all, a great experience - thank you, Jo!'


Daisy's 8th Birthday Treasure Trail party:


A great big "Thank You!" for a fantastic day. Both children and adults had so much fun and learnt some navigation skills on the way! Lots of smiling children racing along finding clues and treasure in our beautiful Yorkshire Dales countryside! Perfect!

Half day 'compass skills' course on Ingleborough


"On Sunday, three of us spent 4 hours with Jo on Ingleborough. We learnt about SO much...compass bearings, handrailing, contours, detailed map reading, distance estimation through pacing as well as staying safe and warm on the hill.


I can thoroughly recommend Jo's sessions if you are after an enjoyable, informative and useful day out. Thank you Jo!"

Treasure Trail Birthday party


Mia, birthday girl, aged 9 - "especially loved finding the treasure and using the group shelter to stay warm and dry."


Mia's mum: "I had a brilliant experience at the party and despite the challenging weather, I can honestly say it was the best children's party I have ever taken part in. I thought the indoor team games and quizz just finished the morning off brilliantly. It was so great to learn alongside the children and enjoy our time together."